Ameta Solution 00844 26x27cm Wipes hand cleaner

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Sendy wipes are lightly abrasive wet wipes in non-woven fabric, large and resistant, for HEAVY DUTY DIRT. They are intended for people working in environments where water and soap are not within reach, or for those workers who cannot leave their workplace during the day even when dealing with resistant and sticky dirt.
They contain lanolin to protect and nourish the skin and are enriched by an effective anti-bacterial additive – tested by an external laboratory according to BSEN 1276:1997 and BSN 12054:1995 standards to guarantee their resistance to salmonella, listeria, E. Coli and Weil’s disease.

Grease, oil, hydrocarbons, bitumen, paint, enamel , silicone, adhesive, resin and graphite.
Removal of permanent marker from skin.
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Format (imperial)10.24" x 10.63"
Format (metric)26x27cm
OPM Product NumberAME00844
BrandAmeta Solution