Ameta Solution 10200 800ml Refill bag Sendy foam hand cleaner

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Pouch size:
H. 180 mm x W. 160 mm x D. 100 mm
[H. 7.08 in. x W. 6.30 in. x D. 3.93 in.]

TS-800 Sendy foam pouch for T-Small wall dispenser available with three different dispensing systems for easy hand cleaning in public areas.
Washings: Soap x800 Spray x2000 Foam x4000

Hand cleaning in public areas.
Delivered as soap, spray or foam, Sendy by Nettuno is a modern and mild hand soap with softening properties intended for public areas, such as: offices, schools, restaurants, airports, etc.The formulation provides an effective removal of light dirt from hand skin.
It preserves the hydrolipidic film balance of skin, leaving hands delicately scented.
WARNING: Sendy pouches must match with the pumping / dispensing system chosen for the T-Small wall dispenser (i.e. spray dispenser with Sendy Spray pouch).
Pouches are not interchangeable!
More Information
Format (imperial)27.05oz
Soap typeFoam
Format (metric)800ml
OPM Product NumberAME10200
BrandAmeta Solution

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