Ameta Solution 70-0104 4L Synthetic fluid cutting/drilling lubricant

Article #70-0104
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100% synthetic fluid for the metal industry to create a protection film between metal surfaces.
Provides good finish and helps protect against corrosion.

100% water soluble

Low odor

Highly resistant to bacterial contamination

Compatible with most aluminum alloys

Can be diluted

Does not leave spots on machinery

Not sticky (gummy)

Specially made for the metal industry to reduce heat when sawing, drilling or cutting. General tooling (product concentration 5% up to 10%), grinding (product concentration 4% up to 6%), mold pressing (product concentration 4% up to 15%), molding (product concentration 10% up to 15%).

More Information
Box quantity4
Format (imperial)1.06gal
DescriptionSynthetic fluid
Format (metric)4L
New ProductNo
OPM Product NumberAME70-0104
BrandAmeta Solution