Ameta Solution 70-0204 4L Liquid cutting/drilling lubricant

Article #70-0204
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Special water soluble metal cutting fluid for the metal industry.

100% water soluble

Highly resistant to bacterial contamination

Life span of several months

Very soft for the hands

Hypo allergenic in most cases

pH value: 5.0 (pure product)

pH value: 8.5 - 9.0 (diluted product)

Recommended for cutting, threading, drilling, sawing, and milling in the metal industry. General tooling (product concentration 5% up to 10%), grinding (product concentration 4% up to 6%), mold pressing (product concentration 4% up to 15%), molding (product concentration (10% up to 15%).
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Format (imperial)1.06gal
Format (metric)4L
Box quantity4
OPM Product NumberAME70-0204
BrandAmeta Solution

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