Ameta Solution 70-55 Stainless steel degreaser Aerosol 400ml

Article #70-55
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Special cleaner for any stainless steel surface, based on alcohol

Removes dust and dirt with no ef fort

No cleaning smears

Antistatic ef fect

Leaves surfaces shiny as brand new

High-performance special care product for stainless steel and stoves and smooth plastic surfaces in commercial kitchens, gastro-engineering, kitchen-making, hospitals, foodstuff companies, elevators, benches, chrome-nickel processing companies, catering, etc.
Apply the stainless steel care spray evenly on the surface to be cleaned, leave to act for a short while and wipe over with a lint-free dry cloth. Fresh fingerprints marks etc. can be removed simply with a dry cloth.
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Format (imperial)13.52oz
Box quantity12
Format (metric)400ml
OPM Product NumberAME70-55
BrandAmeta Solution

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