Ameta Solution 70-9801 400ml Aerosol leak detector - special cleaner blue

Article #70-9801
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Cracks and defects in the surface of workpieces and components can impair the required strength and extension, creating a hazardous condition.

The Metaflux crack and porosity detection procedure has been examined by a number of independent bodies and conforms to the highest standards under its licensing approvals.

All sprays are free of corrosive components

Compliant with the following norms:
DIN 54 152, MIL-SPEC I-25135D, LTF 6850, Lloyds Register of shipping, Dutch Central Bureau, Bureau Veritas, German Llyod, Reactor construction

Crack and porosity test
1. Clean test pieces thoroughly using Metaflux 70-9801 Special Cleaner for the crack detecting set.
2. Spray on the Metaflux 70-9802 red contraster spray and allow to act.
3. Clean the sprayed surfaces using Metaflux 70-9801 Special Cleaner and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
4. Spray Metaflux 70-9803 Developer onto the fully-dried surface. In the white surface of the developer, cracks are shown by the red marking.
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Format (imperial)13.52oz
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Format (metric)400ml
OPM Product NumberAME70-9801
BrandAmeta Solution