Ameta Solution 76-2404 4L Liquid Engine automotive cleaner

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Special cleaner and degreaser for engines.
Highly penetrant for a thorough removal of dirt deposits from any engine surfaces .
The product is based on an approved formulation technology containing powerful cleaning and degreasing agents that rapidly dissolve dirt, grease, asphalt, fresh varnish and materials that generally offer resistance to common cleaners. Surfaces appear clean with no oil/grease smears.

No unpleasant vapors



No phosphates


Industrial power

Pleasant cherry odor

Ready-to-use with no diluting required

Suitable for any kind of vehicle engines.
1. Warm up engine prior to cleaning for few minutes. Best day time for application is morning after a night stop.
2. Carefully protect all those parts that must not be made wet, including air filters, valves, engine oil cap area, etc. etc. Use waterproof plastic sheets and waterproof adhesive tape to seal parts to be protected.
3. Apply Engine Clean Green and leave to act for 1-2 minutes.
4. Rinse lavishly with a water jet effect.
Brush the most hard-to-reach parts or repeat the application in case of stubborn dirt.
5. Dry the engine manually or use compressed air jet stream. Start your engine and run for approx. 5 minutes to allow complete drying. Stop engine and apply Metaflux
CC 80 # 70-17 Spray or Metaflux CC 80 # 75-33 liquid.
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Box quantity4
Format (imperial)1.06gal
Format (metric)4L
OPM Product NumberAME76-2404
BrandAmeta Solution