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  1. Try Milwaukee Tools In Store

    Try Milwaukee Tools In Store
    Thursday, September 16, 2021 will be an opportunity to try out Milwaukee tools. Will you be there for the demonstations? The brand's representatives will be waiting for you between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to show you several new products at 670, rue Picard, in Beloeil.     In store only With the purchase of Milwaukee tools and accessories at regular...
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  2. Precision tools and measuring instruments from several brands!

    Precision tools and measuring instruments from several brands!
    There is something for every body; several brands of precision and measuring instruments are available to meet all budgets! Precision and instrumentation tools for various tasks Depending on the construction and renovation project you are working on, measuring and precision tools allow you to : Measure your surfaces; Protractors Calipers Micrometers Calculate distances and surfaces to work; Laser and construction tools Height...
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  3. Store extension coming soon!

    Store extension coming soon!
    In order to offer you an even more incredible shopping experience, we are pleased to announce major construction and renovation works in our Beloeil store, beginning mid-october 2019. Running through spring 2020, this project will result in a three times larger showroom, increased storage capacity and a revised and improved repair service. In all, we will add more than 15,000...
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  4. Milwaukee MX FUEL

    Milwaukee MX FUEL
      Milwaukee present the MX FUEL™ platform, a series of wireless equipment that will revolutionize the way we work on construction sites across the country! Six products now available on order and Outillage Placide Mathieu is very proud to be able to offer these new tools to our customers. Milwaukee MX FUEL™ tools replace several gasoline, pneumatic or energy-consuming equipment currently...
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  5. Mechanics Seat or Creeper?

    Mechanics Seat or Creeper?
    All depends on the nature of the task you will have to perform. Indeed, the garage seat will be suggested to work in a seated position, either to polish the vehicule body or to lay tires. As long as the mechanics creeper will be rather privileged to work while lying under a small or a big vehicle, for example. Let's look at the...
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  6. From Portable to Stationary Table Saw, Which One To Choose?

    From Portable to Stationary Table Saw, Which One To Choose?
    If you plan to use a saw to frequently cut a considerable amount of wood, you will need a table saw of 220 V or more. Although models with a 110 V motor are less efficient, they are sufficient to perform different types of work. Be aware that the larger the blade diameter is, the better the table saw will cut...
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  7. Tools for Preparing, Cutting and Laying Ceramic Tiles

    Tools for Preparing, Cutting and Laying Ceramic Tiles
    Whether you are an amateur wishing to renovate his bathroom or a professional tiler interested in modernizing his daily working equipment, here are some essential tools to prioritize for preparing, cutting and laying ceramic tiles. The essentials of the tiler To prepare the ground To cut tile One of the important steps will be to take measurements and make lines...
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  8. How to Choose a Torque Wrench?

    How to Choose a Torque Wrench?
    How many bolts have broken or unscrewed resulting in accidents due to excessive or insufficient tightening? Nobody knows ! One thing is certain: the choice of a torque wrench to tighten and unscrew a screw or a bolt quickly and accurately is now more complex, but with some indications, it is easy to get there. What is this tool and...
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  9. Drywall Installer Essential Tools

    Drywall Installer Essential Tools
    The job of drywall installer consists essentially to perform finishing work inside a home. To complete the installation of false ceiling, insulation or partition and finally, to finish the joints and coatings, this professional will need a variety of tools. Overview of the different tools proposed for each step of laying and finishing gypsum sheets. BUILDING GYPSUM PARTITIONS To set up a...
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  10. Clear Mind in a Tidy Garage

    Clear Mind in a Tidy Garage
    Take more pleasure in completing your renovation and repair projects with a workspace that meets your needs. Organize your tools according to the way you use them and so be able to better focus on the task at hand. Find some practical ideas from our 1,100 online storage solutions. Organize with Logic Logically tools used regularly should actually be the...
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