Flexovit Z5032F 5" x 7/8" ZircoMAX®high density flap disc ( grit 40 )

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These ‘flat’ discs are typically used at a shallower angle of only 5-15. The flat shape, combined with the low angle, provides the operator with a much wider contact surface. This is best suited for finishing applications on broad surfaces.

The industry standard. Their primary advantage is that the fiberglass backing will wear away along with the abrasive material, allowing the operator to make full use of the coated abrasive as the disc wears down. Since the backing plate is consumed it will not interfere with, or affect the work surface.

Removes material at a very fast rate and lasts longer than traditional aluminum oxide. It grinds extremely well on stainless steel as well as carbon steel. Resists loading on softer materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze and fiberglass.

ZIRCOMAX premium zirconia alumina is available in four grits, 40, 60, 80 and 120 with a fiberglass backing plate. These extra thick, high density discs deliver twice the removal rate of our Zircotex Premium discs. They provide extremely long life and are the most productive flap disc. Available in Type 27 or Type 29, with a 7/8 arbor or a 5/8-11 SPIN-ON zinc hub.
More Information
Pack quantity10
Brand nameZircoMAX®high density
UtilisationSteel, Stainless steel, Aluminium
Max RPM12000
Disc diameter5"
OPM Product NumberFLEZ5032F

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