Jet 500211 4-1/2" x 7/8" POWERFLEX® masonry disc ( grit 16 )

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Specially designed for grinding and finishing concrete, stone, hard building materials and fiberglass

Made from extremely sharp silicon carbide grains for fast cutting and long wheel life

Manufactured by attaching multiple layers of silicone carbide to a semi-flexible fibre backing

Spiral grooves in the abrasive coating provides quick clearing of ground-off stock

Multiple cooling holes reduce the build-up of heat during grinding operations, greatly extending the life of the disc

The type 29 convex profile helps prevent gouging of the work piece and reduces operator fatigue by making it easier to maintain correct grinding angle

Mount to angle grinders using standard resin fibre disc back-up pads and nuts
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Brand namePOWERFLEX®
Pack quantity25
Disc diameter4-1/2"
Max RPM13300
OPM Product NumberJET500211