Metaflux 70-4002 1kg paste+brush zinc galvanized coating

Article #70-4002
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Highest quality thick-layer long-term zinc coating for civil and military installations in all extreme climate and weather environments

Used by U.K. military and NATO (NATO Stock No. 7520-99-212-4616)

No cracks in protection film cohesion

No capillary cracks

Complies with DIN 50.976

Resistant to salt, saltwater, acid rain and heat

Corrosion-proof zinc coating

Thick-layer application system for large surfaces

Dries rapidly through exposure to O2

No capillary cracks

No zinc sedimentation in the tin

Ready-to-use at all times

No thinning required for airless spraying when using nozzle size 4 or 5

A thickness of up to 150 µm in one coating is possible

1 Kg [2.20 lbs.] may coat up to 2.5 m² [26.90 ft².] according to layer thickness at 30 µm.
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Format (metric)1kg
Format (imperial)2.2lbs
ColorDull grey
Box quantity1
New ProductNo
OPM Product NumberAME70-4002