Metaflux 75-3505 Smoke Stain Remover Liquid 5L (concentrate)

Article #75-3505
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Orders exceding stock must be ordered per box of 12 units.
High-performance cleaner with active foam.
Specially developed for the most stubborn stains, such as smoke stain deposits, extremely baked-on greases, oils and albumen residues.
Acts without harming the smell or taste of foods.

Rinses off with no residues, no harming the smell or taste of foods pursuant to Section 31 LFBG

Antibacterial effect

Can be diluted depending on the application (up to 1:100)

Phosphate and solvent-free

Does not attack glass (e.g. chimney inspection glass)

Food industry, dairies, commercial kitchens, hospitals, roasting facilities, smoke facilities, cleaning companies, builders’ yards, canteens, restaurants, pizzerias, baker’s shops, chimneys.
Recommended for baking and pizza ovens, smoking rooms, extractors, extractor pipes, extractor hoods, air circulation systems in smoking rooms, grease filters, barbecues.
More Information
Format (imperial)1.32gal
Box quantity4
Format (metric)5L
OPM Product NumberAME75-3505

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