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By choosing Outillage Placide Mathieu, you are sure to get quality tools, accessories and parts that will help you increase your productivity. A single visit allows you to meet all your tooling needs. A wide selection of tools, accessories and parts, a professional sales team and prompt, courteous service.

Our consultants have many years of experience in various fields of tools, mechanics and construction. They will be able to determine your needs with precision and thus offer you solutions adapted to the task or the project to be accomplished.

Placide Mathieu over time

History of the family business since 1961

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From tools to tools!

We are in 1961. In the heart of the economic effervescence of the Quebec, Placide Mathieu founded the company Outillage Placide Mathieu in Beloeil, thanks to a vision of the future and a simple project in mind.

A passionate worker, Placide wanted to enable workers to do their job more efficiently thanks to tools quality and personalized advice. Supported by his wife Denyse, he left to travel the roads of the province in his beautiful truck filled with tools. Over the following years, the reputation and popularity of the company continued to grow in the region Montreal and across Quebec as a whole. This led directly to the construction of the current Outillage Placide Mathieu building in Beloeil located at 670, rue Picard.

The company is now a important distribution and sales center for more than 250 brands quality tools and accessories for the fields of industry, construction and mechanics. In addition, a repair service is available in store for power tools and tires.

Our mission

Outillage Placide Mathieu is much more than a story of tools. It is a long-term vision of quality and professional service which, since 1961, has allowed us to offer our customers products aimed at improving their productivity.

Trust demonstrated towards us encourages us to maintain our leadership role in the field of tools, while offering a wide variety of solutions adapted to the needs of each industry, entrepreneur, mechanic and individual.

It is with this in mind that we We have been trying to surpass ourselves every day for more than 60 years.

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Our current store. With over 55,000 products in inventory.


The year was 1961. A great wave of construction projects around the province of Quebec is in full strength with the James Bay Project and the 1967 Montreal World’s fair. Placide Mathieu founded Outillage Placide Mathieu in the town of Beloeil with a simple project in mind.

He wanted to help people work better and more efficiently in their every day job with quality tools and professional advises. With the support of his wife Denyse, began traveling on the south shore of Montreal with his truck full of tools.

Contractors and workers of all industries then began to be acquainted with a very-well informed salesman, who knew how to satisfy everyone of his client’s needs, whatever they were. Over the years, the reputation of Outillage Placide Mathieu grew over town and around the province, which led the way to the construction, in 1982, of the actual store on 670 Picard Street, in Beloeil.

Nowadays, Outillage Placide Mathieu is still an essential supplier and distribution center of high-quality tools and accessories in the fields of industry, construction and mechanic. Distributor for more than 250 renowned brands, we offer fast customer service, expert advises and a philosophy to help the customer find everything he is looking for at the same location.

Not to mention, our large inventory of genuine replacement parts and experienced technicians helped us being named “authorized service centre” for many manufacturers of electric and pneumatics tools.

Choice. Quality. Service. Three generations and millions of tools later, Outillage Placide Mathieu is still driven by these words.


Outillage Placide Mathieu. It is way more than a passion for tools.

It is a long time vision of quality and professional services that allows us to offer you products and accessories aimed to enhanced their productivity needs since 1961.

The confidence shown for all those years encourages us to maintain our position of leader in the tool industry by offering various high-quality solutions especially adapted for every industry, contractor, mechanic and do-it-yourself professionals in the business.

With that in mind, our team works all year long to exceed your expectations every single day.


Tool repair

We execute repair and maintenance of electric and pneumatic tools of numerous renowned brands with only genuine replacement parts. Our experimented technicians perform an attentive examination of your tool and provide you with a detailed estimate of the repair cost in a reasonable period of time.

A direct evidence of work efficiency and confirmed knowledge is the fact we are also an authorized service center for many of the most recognized names in the tool industry, like DeWALT, Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi, Jet, Ingersoll-Rand and Walter.

For all your needs of electronic and precision instruments care, we meet the demand by offering a complete service of repair, calibration and certification of torque wrenches, micrometers, battery chargers and more. We also repair maintenance and shop equipment like hoists, jacks and rams.

Safety equipment

In-store or directly at your workplace, we offer a complete inspection and certification service of harnesses, lanyards and other safety equipment. While enhancing workers safety on the jobsite, investing in regular equipment maintenance can eliminate fines for unapproved systems.


You can benefit from our weekly service of sharpening and repair of carbide saw blades, knifes, router bits and many more.

Gift certificates

In any occasions, our gift certificates represent the perfect way to please every tool passionate in your family. Our gift certificates have the value of your choice and do not have an expiry date.

However, the total value of the gift certificate has to be used with a single purchase in the store, because it is not redeemable for cash. No refund applies to gift certificates.