Privacy Policy


Providing superior service has always been a core value for Outillage Placide Mathieu since 1961. Customer trust is central to us, this is why the data and information collected must be kept secure at all times.

The privacy policy described below is applicable to the website for all data transmitted electronically.


We collect, keep and use data on customers to:

  • Open, update and manage accounts
  • Collect and process payments
  • Invoice and deliver our products and services
  • Identify customer preferences
  • Ensure good customer service
  • Present and advertise our products and services
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Outillage Placide Mathieu is the sole owner and manager of the website. The data transmitted through the online store and forms are secured to ensure that all communications remain confidential. Outillage Placide Mathieu will not sell, share or rent data to any person, business or entity.

We use the latest encryption techniques to protect data. Furthermore, the website is hosted on secured servers.

Information transmitted by the contact form is only used to answer customers' inquiries. Our newsletter registration can be terminated at any time.

Outillage Placide Mathieu collects data through Google Analytics 4 to analyse the website. The statistics collected remain anonymous and provide us the number of visitors, where they visit from and general customer trends. Information collected is processed by our marketing department in a confidential manner, to better your shopping experience and promote our products and services.


Identification data (first name, last name, address, postal code, phone number, fax number, email, account number) is collected to recognise you, manage your account, communicate with you and are an integral part of the ordering process.

Your personal information is collected through the following methods:

  • Website registration form
  • Order form
  • Competition
  • Others: User satisfaction questionnaire

We use the information thus collected for the following purposes:

  • Order tracking
  • Information/Promotional offers
  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Website management

We may collect and use personal information without customer knowledge or consent:

  • If a safety, health or life threatening issue arises
  • When personal data transmission is required by law
  • When this information is already available from a public source
  • To repossess merchandise or claim a debt that has not been fully paid to Outillage Placide Mathieu
  • To protect Outillage Placide Mathieu and its employees from fraud or any other safety risks


Your personal information is also collected through the interactivity that may occur between you and our website. This information is collected by the following means:

  • Comments
  • Information for promotional offers

We use the information thus collected for the following purposes:

  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Website management
  • Others: Government/Regulatory Requirements


Invoicing and delivery information are gathered to determine freight charges and shipping methods that are ideal for your location and our products and services.


Invoicing data (shopping cart, payment method, funds verification, order confirmation) is secured. The online invoicing form is used to complete your transaction and contact you regarding shipping as well as our products and services.

For commercial customers, purchasing history, creation of personalized lists and promotional offers are established with the transmitted data and information through the website. These elements are therefore inherent in this privacy policy.


To ensure quality customer service, we collect, analyse and use transmitted data by our customers on the website. These efforts are made in order to tailor our promotional offers, products and services to your needs.

Although our efforts are focused on the precision and accuracy of the collected data, Outillage Placide Mathieu cannot be hold responsible for any error that occurs following the transmission of incorrect and incomplete information.

Personal data, shipping coordinates and payment information are protected and secured online and offline. Access to personal data is restricted to a limited number of employees who use this information to complete their tasks.

Customer accounts can be updated through an integrated form on the website to guarantee the accuracy of the data transmitted and to also protect customer safety. A personal ID and password is mandatory to access your customer account on our website.

The website is country wide reference for every tool enthusiasts, professional and user. Our team is proud to offer you a complete tool and accessory online store where you can browse, compare and purchase products where you want it, when you want it.

Your trust is an essential building block of our company and every day affords us a new opportunity to improve customer service. Choosing Outillage Placide Mathieu for all your tool needs is a pledge to encourage a proactive, trusted business, founded and established in Canada since 1961. Thank you!






By using this website (the “Website”), exclusively owned by OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU Inc. (“OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU”), you expressly acknowledge to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions which govern your use of the Website (the “Terms of Use”). If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please leave the Website immediately and do not take into account the information contained therein. OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time. Any modification comes into force immediately and is integrated to the Terms of Use.


The information and images on the Website may not be used by any person in any country under any law when such use could constitute a violation of applicable national legislation. In such case, you are forbidden from using or accessing any information or image, of any nature whatsoever, on this Website. This Website is designed for users accessing it from Canadian territory. Moreover, these Terms of Use are governed exclusively by the applicable laws of the province of Quebec and of Canada, without regard to the conflicts of law provisions therein. Any litigation, recourse or claim arising from or in relation to these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in the judicial district of Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada.


This Website is provided “as is” and “according to availability”, without any warranty of any kind, express or implicit, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or suitability for a user’s particular need, any warranty regarding the Website’s content or operation, third-party links or other communications, any warranty in case of errors, corrections or defects, interrupted or intercepted transmissions, data loss, virus or any other potentially harmful element.

Under no circumstances can OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU or any of its subsidiaries or entities be held liable towards any person for any fee or damages, including direct, indirect, consecutive or intangible damages, damages related to access to or use of this Website. Furthermore, OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU or any of its subsidiaries or entities cannot be held liable for any person’s inability to access the Website or use its functions and services, including browsing or downloading any information, data, text, image or any other material available on the Website or via another website linked to by this Website or linking to this Website.

It is the responsibility of users of this Website, with the total exclusion of any liability from OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU, to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, reliability and relevance of the opinions given, services offered or any other information provided. Information included and presented on this Website should not be interpreted and relied upon as if it were professional advice or advice on a specific situation.


Unless otherwise specifically stated, any trademark, registered or not, and any logo displayed on the Website, any information, any graphic image, any feature or any service, any layout (including the “look and feel”) and any text on this Website are the sole property of OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU or are duly used under license by OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU and are protected by applicable intellectual property laws or any provisions included in any other relevant law, in Canada and abroad. They may not be copied or broadcast, in whole or in part, without OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU’s prior written consent.

In addition, you acknowledge that you are not allowed to (i) create derivative work based on this Website or any material and/or content included on or integrated to the Website; (ii) use the Website or any included material and/or content for commercial purposes; (iii) remove any notice regarding copyright or other ownership notices from the Website and/or its content; (iv) circumvent any encryption or other security tool used anywhere on the Website; (v) use any data mining tool, robot or similar tool to collect and extract data from the Website; or (vi) decompile, reverse engineer, modify or disassemble any part of this Website.

However, you may download or print any page on this Website for personal and non-commercial use only, provided that you keep all notices regarding the intellectual property of OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU or any assigns involved.


The Website may contain hypertext links leading to other websites. These links are provided for information purposes only and as a service. On this matter, OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU disclaims any liability or obligation, of any nature whatsoever, regarding these third-party websites to which the Website links (or any link to this Website on another website), including the content and operation of these third-party websites. OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU does not review nor control these links. Certain websites may be hosted outside your country and therefore be governed by different laws and regulations.

A link from this Website to another website (or to this Website from another website) does not in any way constitute a recommendation, endorsement, approval, advertisement, offer or solicitation with regard to the other website, its content or its products and services advertised or provided on this other website. OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU assumes and believes that links provided to other websites and accessible by all, to web pages, discussion forums and any other sources are allowed under the law and comply with Internet users’ normal and usual expectations.


OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU takes all reasonable measures to ensure the integrity and security of information obtained from Internet users through the Website and to avoid any non-authorized access to or use of this information. To this end, OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU regularly reviews its security measures.

You should never, under any circumstances, send any information that is confidential or that you own to OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU via the Website. Any information sent to OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU through the Website, other than your personally identifiable information, is presumed non-confidential. Personally identifiable information is only used to answer your questions or to market OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU’s products and services.

OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU cannot, under any circumstances, be required to monitor the data provided or sent through this Website, as is the case for any website linked to on this Website or linking to this Website. OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU has under no circumstances any obligation, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from such data or transmission, which do not constitute in any way a confidentiality agreement, express or implied, between a user and OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU.


When you access and use any part of this Website, you undertake not to:

  • write or send illegal, threatening, abusive, libelous, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous or reprehensible information, in any way whatsoever, including without limitation messages showing or promoting a behaviour that could constitute a breach of a law or violating a national or international right;
  • write or send data or software infected with a virus (worm or Trojan horse) or any other harmful element;
  • interfere with the operation of this Website or hinder or prevent another person from using this Website;
  • write, publish, send, reproduce, distribute or use information, software or any other material obtained through this Website for commercial purposes without OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU’s prior written consent.

In case of violation of these Terms of Use, OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU reserves the right to sue the offender for damages to the full extent of the law.


Subject to any provisions of any applicable law, you accept to indemnify and hold harmless OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU and its employees, officers, directors and agents should you violate these Terms of Use. This indemnity shall cover all expenses, payments, losses, losses of profit or any direct or indirect damage, monetary or not, incurred by OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU, its employees, officers, directors and agents.


You can contact us by email at the following address [[email protected]] for any question. We will make every effort to process your request quickly. 


This policy applies to the site:

Date of last update: September 22, 2023


Respect for your privacy is of the utmost importance to Outillage Placide Mathieu inc., which is responsible for this site.

This privacy policy (the “Policy”) informs you of our privacy policy practices. It explains why and how we collect your data and information and how it is stored and used.

OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU takes all reasonable measures to ensure the integrity and security of information obtained on Internet users through the Website and to prevent any non-authorized access or use of this information. To that end, OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU regularly reviews its security measures.


Several tools may be used on our Website to improve its efficiency and usability and for marketing and statistical purposes. These tools may include collection and automatic storage of data by us or by third parties on our behalf. In general, this data does not include users’ personal information. These tools include, without limitation, cookies, Adobe Flash cookies, web beacons (also called “pixel tags” or “clear GIFs”), tracking URLs or similar tools and web analytics software.

Collected data may include, without limitation:

  • Visitors’ IP addresses;
  • Operating system
  • Date and time of visit;
  • Referral URL (the website from which the visitor came);
  • Pages visited on our Website and queries;
  • Information on the browser used (type and browser version, operating system, etc.);
  • Content of a payment basket (e-commerce store)

We may also use cookies to identify the owner of a user account and to put items in the virtual basket while you shop. The cookies that we use in these cases are generally session cookies, which are automatically erased when you close your browser. You can manage your browsing preferences at all times directly in your Web browser. By default, browsers allow the use of cookies, but this feature can be disabled. However, if cookies are disabled, certain services may not be available. You can also manually delete cookies after use through your Web browser.

Web beacons, tracking URLs or similar tools and cookies are primarily used for statistical analysis. These tools may also be used to follow traffic patterns on websites or to know if an email has been received, opened or answered.

Web analytics software gathers data on and analyzes the behaviour of visitors of websites or mobile applications. It analyzes traffic patterns, for example, to determine how often certain parts of a website or a mobile application are viewed or which information or services interest our visitors. To this end, we mostly use clickstream data and other techniques described above. The web analytics services used on our Website and our mobile applications are provided by Google Analytics or other service providers.

This means that when you visit our Website, a Google Analytics cookie is stored on your computer or mobile device, provided that your browser settings allow such cookies, as mentioned above. Furthermore, when you visit our Website, the web analytics data described above (including clickstream data, data provided by web beacons and tracking URLs and information stored in Google Analytics cookies) is sent to Google Analytics 4 to be analyzed for OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU.

Google Analytics acts as OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU’s agent, which means that OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU determines the purposes for which the data is used and Google Analytics may not disclose this information to third parties (except in cases where the law or a court order forces such disclosure). With regard to privacy, this means that OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU is the “guarantor” and Google Analytics is the “data processor”.


If you do not want that information regarding your visits to our Website be gathered and analyzed by Google Analytics 4, you can opt out. This means that Google Analytics 4 will anonymize the information gathered (but will continue to gather it) or will stop gathering information on your visit, depending on the type of opt-out that you choose. To opt out, you have to accept that a cookie be stored on your computer by Google Analytics 4. You may request to opt out by clicking on the relevant link in the Google Analytics 4 website section that includes the privacy policy.

For more information regarding Google Analytics 4 and its privacy policy, please read the privacy policy at


We offer geolocation services on our Website, particularly through Google Maps.

If you use mobile applications, these applications may receive information regarding your current location (similar to the GPS signals sent by mobile devices) or other information that can be used to determine your location. You can authorize the activation of the geolocation service. You can also prohibit at any time an application from using the geolocation service.

For more information regarding Google Maps and its privacy policy, please the privacy policy at


Our Website uses Internet retargeting tools. Visitors who are interested by our products can see our ads on partner websites. We believe that personalized advertising, based on users’ interests, is more interesting than advertising without any connection to the consumer.

We collaborate with companies that use tracking tools. These companies broadcast ads on our behalf on the Internet. They may gather non-personally identifiable information on your visits to our Website and your interaction with our communications, particularly ads.

Retargeting tools analyze your cookies and display ads according to your behaviour on the Internet. This technology does not store any of your personal information.

You may deactivate the use of cookies by Google through its Ads Settings. You may also deactivate the use of cookies by third-party providers on the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page or the DoubleClick opt-out page.


Data gathered through our Website and other information provided in any other way to OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU may be used to improve our Website’s content, for marketing research purposes, for statistics purposes, to improve our services or to provide you with interest-based information.

We only use data for the purposes for which they were collected. Your consent is required to use your personal information for marketing purposes other than the ones mentioned above. You may opt out from such use of your data, ask that your data be deleted or be modified.

OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU stores the information for a reasonable period of time of 7 years to achieve its objectives or in accordance with legal provisions. Following this period, the information shall be deleted or anonymized.


Our site is hosted by: Globalia, whose head office is located at the following address: 6, Bd Desaulniers, bureau 600, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 1L3.

The host can be contacted at the following telephone number: 1-855-524-8888.

The information we collect and process is exclusively hosted and processed in Canada.


a) The person responsible for processing personal information

The person responsible for processing personal information is: Jean Mathieu. He can be contacted as follows:

The person responsible for processing personal information can be contacted by email [email protected].

The person responsible for processing personal information is responsible for determining the purposes and means used to process personal information.

b) Obligations of the person responsible for processing personal information

The person responsible for processing personal information undertakes to protect the personal information collected, not to transmit it to third parties without you having been informed and to respect the purposes for which this information was collected.

In addition, the person responsible for processing personal information undertakes to notify you in the event of rectification or deletion of personal information, unless this entails disproportionate formalities, costs or steps for him.

In the event that the integrity, confidentiality or security of your personal information is compromised, the data controller undertakes to inform you by any means.


You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information by the site (“right to object”). You also have the right to request that your personal information no longer appears, for example, in a mailing list (“right of withdrawal”).

In order to object to the processing of your personal information or request the removal of your personal information, you must follow the following procedure:

The user must make a request to limit the processing of their personal information to the information processing manager, by sending an email [email protected]


You can read, update, modify or request the deletion of information about you, by following the procedure set out below:

  • The user must send an email to the person responsible for processing personal information, specifying the subject of their request and using the contact email address of the person responsible for personal information provided on this page.

If you have one, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal space by following the following procedure:

  • The user must send an email to the data controller, specifying their personal space number. The request for data deletion will be processed within 10 working days.


The personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment. People working for us are required to respect the confidentiality of your information.

To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following measures:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol
  • Access management - authorized person
  • Access management - person concerned
  • Network monitoring software
  • Automatic backup
  • Login password
  • Firewalls

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, as no mechanism offers maximum security, some risk is always present when using the Internet to transmit personal information.


This privacy policy can be consulted at any time at the address indicated below:

We reserve the right to modify it in order to guarantee its compliance with current law.

Therefore, you are invited to regularly consult this confidentiality policy in order to keep yourself informed of the latest changes that will be made to it.


By browsing the site, you confirm that you have read and understood this confidentiality policy and accept its conditions, particularly with regard to the collection and processing of your personal information, as well as the use of cookies.


We undertake to respect the legislative provisions set out in: 

  • Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, CQLR c P-39.1; and or
  • Act respecting the protection of personal information and electronic documents, SC 2000, c 5.



Product prices and availabilities are subject to change without notice and stock availability. If a product ordered is out of stock after the conclusion of the transaction, we shall notify you by email, the out-of-stock product shall be removed from the order, and you shall be refunded for this product price. OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU disclaims all liability in case of stock shortage and for any damage that may result from or be caused by any delay in delivery.


Prices on the Website are in Canadian dollars (C$), do not include taxes, and may change without prior notice. You will be provided with the official amount of your order, including taxes, with the confirmation of the order placed on the Website.


We only accept payments by credit cards issued in Canada by Visa® and MasterCard®.

Delivery is free in Canada for any order of $99 or more before taxes, excluding oversized and/or overweight products, as well as geographical exceptions. Allow five 5 to 10 business days to receive your order. If your product requires more time due to its availability, we shall inform you by email of any delay.


Within 15 days of completing a transaction on the Website, we shall send you an order confirmation email including the order’s total price as well as the detailed terms and conditions applicable to the transaction. We reserve the right to cancel your transaction without any obligation to provide a reason. If we cancel your transaction, we shall notify you by email at the provided address. We reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders which, at our sole discretion, seem to have been placed by dealers, resellers or retailers. In general, when we cancel a transaction, we do not charge you the amount to your credit card. If we did, we shall refund you the amount or a corresponding credit shall be applied on your credit card.


A return claim can be made for a product sold on the Website within thirty (30) days from invoice date. Returned products must be in new condition, contained in their original packaging and accompanied by a copy of the invoice.

All returned merchandise is subject to a 15% restocking fee, or more, depending on the condition of the products and the suppliers' conditions. The customer is responsible for all returned shipping fees. Furthermore, original shipping fees will not be refunded.

To initiate a return claim, the customer can contact us by email ([email protected]). Please indicate the product and reason for the return. A return goods authorisation (RGA) number will be issued. A refund will be issued for all products, plus taxes, if applicable.

Products purchased past thirty (30) days from invoice date can be returned. A full inspection will be conducted and a 15% to 90% restocking fee could apply.

Products returned without an RGA number will be refused and returned to sender at their expense. Be sure to write the RGA number on all returned packages. Returns will be credited according to the billing method chosen at the time of purchase.

Special orders, clearance products and gift certificates are not returnable or refundable under any circumstances.

We respect the warranty and satisfaction policies of our suppliers. For warranty repairs, a copy of the original invoice is required, and subsequent shipping fees are the customers' responsibility.


Although we check regularly the product information on our Website, display errors (price, description, photos, etc.) may occur from time to time. OUTILLAGE PLACIDE MATHIEU RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CORRECT THESE ERRORS WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION TO DELIVER THE GOODS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS DISPLAYED BY MISTAKE.

If such a situation occurs, we will correct the erroneous information as soon as possible and will communicate with you if you already ordered the item.

You can contact us by email at the following address [[email protected]].